Graduation from Puppy Class ... mommy said it was good for socialization!
Here's a few of my relatives visiting with me before I headed out
west to meet my new family.  From left to right ...
Grandpa Teddy - CH Kennedy's Elite Maestro Teddy ROM
Grandma Tess - CH Pequoag's Call of The Wild ROM
Great Grandpa Harry - CH Pequoag's Wild About Harry
and that's me, the itty bitty peanut in the front.
I can see clearly now ... the haze is gone
Wow, lasso my heart he certainly did with this picture!   We fell in love, cowboy hat
over spurs when we saw this photo of Wyatt.    His beautiful dark eyes called out to
us begging to come to Arizona....I want to be your cowboy!  Wyatt was growing up
with a wonderful family that had 2 little girls so he was well socialized.   Wyatt flew
from Massachusetts with one of his breeders when he was 11 weeks old and weighed
only 2.5 lbs.   Our tiny cowboy was finally home.   Big brother Bogey was ready and
waiting to greet him in the corral.   We are going to try our hand at showing Wyatt
in conformation and see how things go.   So, stay tuned and check back often to see
what Wyatt and I are doing.
8 weeks old

Black Mountain KC - Boulder City, NV - Oct 11, 2008 - Raymond V. Filburn, Jr . - 6-9 mo. - WD/BOW - 1 point

Coyote Classic, TKC and GSVKC - Tucson, AZ - Nov 16, 2008 - Judith V. Daniels - 6-9 mo. - WD - 2 points  

KC of Beverly Hills - Long Beach, CA - Dec 10, 2008 - Paolo Dondina - 9-12 mo. - Best Puppy

OKC KC Summer Classic - Oklahoma City, OK - June 25, 2009 - W Everett Dean Jr. - 12-18 mo. - WD/BOW -
4 point MAJOR

Mid-Del-Tinker KC - Oklahoma City, OK - June 28, 2009 - Mrs Nancy Smith Hafner - 12-18 mo. - WD - 1 point

Bexar County KC - San Antonio, TX - July 9, 2009 - Ms. Elizabeth Muthard - 12-18 mo. - WD/BOW - 2 points

Rocky Mountain Boston Terrier Specialty - Greelee, CO - Sept 4, 2009 - W Everett Dean Jr. - Open under 15 lb. - WD - 4 points
Wyatt's 1st win!!!   Oct 2008 -  Boulder City, NV
Much thanks to Judge Raymond Filburn
Nov 2008 - Tucson, AZ
Thank you Judge Judith Daniels
Sire:  CH  Bramley's Main-ly For Him
Dam:  CH Kennedy's Wild Night At The Roxy
Dec 2008 - Long Beach, CA
Much thanks to Judge Paola Dondina
CERF Clear
BAER Normal
OFA Patella Normal
CERF Clear
BAER Normal
OFA Patella Normal